Monday, February 9, 2009

Economic downturn: reposition your home business for growth

The general mood is ...

"Will my business survive the current economic challenges?"

But the savvy home business owner is already looking at the very next question ...

"Am I positioning for success in the coming upturn?"

As tough as it is to cope with the business realities of a recession period, there are prime opportunities now to improve the position of your work-from-home business to take advantage of the next phase of economic expansion that is coming.

Here are a few thought-starters along those lines:
  1. If you aren't pursuing the right opportunity, this may be the right time to stop and restart with a better one. Or start with a better one in parallel with your existing business. There are more opportunities than ever looking for you. Starting the right low-entry, high-potential home business opportunity now gets you ahead of the game, and ready for the next growth period before it hits.
  2. For an existing business, this is a great time to lay foundations for managing significant future growth in your customer base and revenue, and the operational needs that go with that growth. For example, you may find discounts available on tools or infrastructure that you use to manage your business, or may need as you grow in the future.
  3. Evaluate opportunities to connect with new partners. Larger numbers of good ones are in the hunt for you, too. Who else is also pursuing your business opportunity that shares your vision and passion? Is a community approach to your business opportunity available?
  4. Keep a close eye on your target market. How can you better serve them, both in terms of current needs in this climate, and where their business or personal circumstances are headed next? Can you take advantage of pull-backs or weakness on the part of your competitors? Are you participating in the rapid-growth industries that will get the most attention in the next decade?
The average length of recessions in the U.S. has been 11 months over the past 5 decades. Most agree that the current downturn is the most severe we've had since the 1930's and could take much longer than that. But the savvy home business owner knows we have already traveled part of the 'distance' toward the next upturn, and should act now to be ready for it.