Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who holds the secret to your home business success?

It doesn't take much homework on what it takes to succeed with your particular home business before you are exposed to more tips, must-do's, etc. than you can practically use.

If you are building a network marketing business, you've already been exposed to a dizzying number of systems, examples to follow, and sources of advice on how to make that business model work for you. As Jeff Olson puts it in his excellent book, The Slight Edge, if information gaps were all that holds us back from success, we would all be billionaires by now.

As I've turned the corner from corporate employee to home business owner I am intrigued with the way individuals boost (or retard!) all other efforts to produce results. On one level this is not that profound. It's obviously what allows one individual with the same opportunity and equipping as the next person to achieve higher and faster results.

This is particularly evident in proven network marketing home businesses, that more readily allow individuals to make up for disadvantages they may have in skill or experience 'mileage' - as level a playing field as you'll find anywhere in small business.

But from what I've observed I believe this how the 'individual factor' works:

success = (opportunity + skills/training) x individual effort x individual qualities

Simplified? Of course.

But think about most of the information that you’ve seen or read on how to succeed. Most of what I’ve seen offered this perspective:

success = (opportunity + tips/secrets of the expert you’re listening to) x individual effort

Now, I highly value all the tips and secrets that I’ve received from experts and winners in various fields. But those insights only got traction in what I needed to accomplish when they were individualized by me, for who I am in my home business endeavor. The degree of passion, perseverance, and effectiveness I experienced was related directly to how much I owned the principles that I learned, and really integrated them into what I was doing next.

I suspect most authors and experts would go along with this individualization observation, maybe even say that it is obvious, or generally understood as an unspoken requirement.

But I also suspect that I’m not the only one who ended up with the unconscious sense that if I could just become a clone of who I was listening to or reading, then I would enjoy the success that they achieved. And that represents the major difference in the two success formulas above.

Re-focusing on the individual ingredient has me excited. For although I cannot escape needing basic skills and the right open door to succeed, I already have one critical component for my success.


I am my secret weapon, I am my own wild card. And not because I’m a prodigy.

Consider a table set with all kinds of good food. It’s not a feast (or training table, or health regimen, or whatever) until it gets eaten. And more than one outcome is possible when it does get eaten! It could further my aspirations to be a chef. It could educate me on new frontiers of nutrition. It could enhance my performance as an athlete. That part is up to the one eating the food.


So who we are in our home business endeavor matters more than we realize.

Try looking at the training or self-improvement information you’re exposed to as something you ’eat’, rather than something you learn in the purely-intellectual, curriculum sense. Let it be part of you and the success journey that you’re undertaking. Rather than trying to mold yourself to whatever external model that information describes.

It’s way more fun. And very likely the key to ultimate success in your endeavor.