Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Living the law of compounding

"You are what you repeatedly do."

"If you were to improve just .003 each day - that's only three-tenths of one percent , a very slight edge - and you kept that up for the next five years, here's what would happen to you:
- The first year you would improve 100 percent.
- The second year you would improve 200 percent.
- The third year you would improve 400 percent.
- The fourth year you would be a better person by 800 percent.
- By the end of year five - simply by improving three-tenths of one percent per day - you will have magnified your value, your skills, and the results you accomplished 1600 percent."
Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge

Try listing all the dimensions of your life in which this principle would apply. Or, perhaps, identify one dimension in which it would not apply.

Your success in business, relationship, personal growth, and impact on your world, all bear the mark of what your choices have been in small increments such as Olson suggests with each of those areas.

So what if you picked one when you finished reading this, and did something three-tenths of one percent different today? And did the same tomorrow, and the next day, and so on for even just a month?

You could start with getting your own copy of Olson's The Slight Edge!