Monday, January 19, 2009

Community: putting the 'easy' in work-at-home business

Most entrepreneurs consider the internet a critical component for work at home business success. Whether the internet is the primary tool for marketing goods and services, or mostly an operational tool for communication and research, no one 'works at home without it' these days.

For home business owners, needing to leverage the internet leads to the question of whether you have the skills you need to do that.

And if you don't have the skills you need, must you hold up on growing your business to get those skills first?

Fortunately, being effective with most internet functions of interest to home business owners is getting a little easier all the time. Most work-at-home business opportunities do not require the owner to become a technology geek to work the business.

Still, having more expertise than your competitor in applying the internet to the business can mean competitive advantage, making the difference between breaking even, and breaking through to high-level success.

The most common ways to get that expertise advantage are:
  1. Hiring it, through employees, contractors, or consultants.
  2. Learning it through traditional education sources, self-study, or mentors.
  3. Sharing it in a community of work at home entrepreneurs who join forces to build individual home businesses.