Monday, December 17, 2007

What's not to like?

After more than 30 years as an information technology professional, I am devoting my energies full-time to a home-based business that has become an exciting passion. 

I enjoyed many aspects of my I/T career, both the technical and people dimensions of the various roles I had. But I have experienced more rewards in my short time with this new venture, than anything I experienced in my three decades in corporate America. 

The time freedom has been incredible. I got accustomed to the '8-second commute' immediately, as you can imagine. And I really value the freedom to spend time with family, do volunteer work, and travel to a degree that was not feasible while working as an employee. 

The residual income that is part of my particular opportunity continues to amaze me as well. To be able to build a large organization with no payroll, no inventory, and ongoing income streams -- what's not to like? I had to switch what I used to say when I was approached about this kind of opportunity in the past. Instead of "only those who can't get real jobs pursue home businesses", my outlook now is "only those who can't build successful businesses get jobs".

I'm one of those who had the business opportunity find me, instead of me suddenly getting enlightened and searching the market to find it. Friends recommended a product that I found useful, and I became a regular consumer. But I did not learn anything about the company, nor the business model. I just rocked along in sort of a 'tire kicker' mode for quite a while. When I finally learned about the technology behind the product line, and the potential of the business model, I was blown away to see a choice for my future that I didn't know I had.

Don't take 30 years to find out that YOU have a choice. Find the right home business opportunity for you, and do something for your future that you, and your family, will be forever grateful for.